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Cardiology refers to diagnosing and treating problems related to the heart and the
circulatory system. We provide some of the best cardiologists and surgeons who ensure the proper
working of the heart. Each patient is diagnosed thoroughly to determine the heart problems with
exceptional technology and equipment like High-end Philips Cathlab with FFR technology. The
doctors provide comprehensive treatment for heart patients like angiography, pediatric cardiology,
valve replacements, and device placement. The team is always ready to perform emergency
operations and surgeries, too, if needed. Some central Heart-related diseases include
Atrial fibrillation:  Irregular and often increase in the heart rate leading to blood clots in the heat. With no symptoms of the problem, it may cause heart failure and other heart complications.
● Coronary artery disease:  Damage in blood vessels due to plaque developed in coronary arteries. This may lead to stop blood flow in the heart and narrowing down the arteries.
●  Heart failure:  The most dangerous heart condition where the heart stops pumping the required amount of blood and oxygen. If proper treatment is not provided within time, the heart may stop beating ultimately.
 Hypertension:  Hypertension or high blood pressure is a common disease among a lot of people these days. But the diseases that high blood pressure can lead to several hazardous like heart failure and stroke.

The stages of these diseases can be life-threatening, and if not diagnosed within time, it may result
in some unimaginable consequences. The cure of these diseases is done under a single roof with the help of treatments like
●  Angioplasty: when blood flow in arteries becomes difficult, a balloon is inserted into veins,
and the plaque blocking coronary arteries is opened.
●  Valvuloplasty: valvotomy is the process of spreading the stenotic aortic valve. A Balloon
catheter is used to improve the symptoms of aortic stenosis.
●  Congenital heart defect corrections: This includes corrective surgeries like PDA, ASD,
VSD, open heart surgeries, heart transplants, and Fallot repair.
●  Echocardiogram: the use of ultrasound waves to identify the heart blood flow and any
matters of concern like infection or any other disease.
●  Tests: The doctors may run several tests on you to ensure the proper functioning of the heart or a piece of detailed knowledge about the structural or functional abnormalities. MRI, CT scan, ECG, and blood tests are a few of them.

The Cardiology Department at Delta Hospitals has a team of Cardiologists, Heart Specialists, Cardiologist doctors, Pediatric cardiologists, Heart Doctors to keep your heart safe. We are even specialized in Interventional Cardiology.

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