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Critical Care

Critical care treatment: Life-threatening injuries and illnesses requiring emergency intensive care
unit (ICU) and a perfect combination of well-trained doctors, highly efficient infrastructure, and
self-motivated support staff to ensure the best possible medical care with a blink of an eye for 24
We can proudly say that we have managed to bring all these facilities under one roof. A 44 bedded
ICU with 10 intensivists, 8 bedded Cardiac ICU, positive/ negative pressure isolation rooms, and
AI-enabled Central Monitoring station with the largest Critical care team in both districts of any
private hospital is available anytime, any day, 24x7 with intensive medical interventions. 
The diseases included in critical care treatment are COVID-19, Heart attack, Heart failure, and
severe injuries like burns, bleeding, accidents, stroke, or any other emergency issue that must be
attended in a split second.
We take responsibility for providing the best technologically equipped ICU, including machines
like Catheters, Ventilators, Dialysis machines, Oxygen therapy, IV tubes with staff so well-trained
to handle emergency situations maliciously. Providing the best value for money is the essence of
our hospital, and we make constant efforts to uplift our quality of service to our patients.

Our critical care has 24 hours hospital service, accident hospital service, pediatric emergency, ICU treatment to provide constant medical care to the patients.

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