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General Medicine

The treatment of minor diseases and diagnosis of severe ones fall into
General medicine. The focus is on abdominal parts like the stomach, colon, liver, pancreas,
gallbladder, and thyroid gland.

The General Medicine department at our hospital leads in improving patient outcomes with
leading-edge health care. Our general physicians treat patients of all ages and help them with all
kinds of health problems with the help of suitable medication.
The role of general physicians comprises of:
Comprehensive care: Our general physicians are specially trained to take comprehensive care
   of patients with expertise in diagnosing and treating different body parts.
Diagnosis: Our well-trained physicians carry out the diagnosis of patients with severe and
   complex illnesses. The diagnostic tests are used safely and effectively to determine the health
● Treatment: The physicians carry out a highly skilled and safe treatment for the illness that can
   be cured with minor treatment and help the patient decide a specific complex treatment.
 Pre- and Post-operative assessment: Before and after the surgeon performs surgery, the general
physician is asked to maintain a health record, analyze the risks involved, and then report to the

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