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The therapy helps cure diseases like Functional Neurological Disorders, Stroke,
CVA or TIA, Spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries, more using several exercises like Bed
Exercises, Mobilisation, Tailored Exercise, and Splinting.
Occupational therapy: The therapy helps in curing physical, sensory, or cognitive problems by
the exceptional our Occupational therapists help with their assistants. The therapy helps in
improving skills and relieving pain.
● Vision therapy: We have optometrists who specialize in developing the visual skills and
abilities of patients with problems like Amblyopia, Eye movement disorders, and other vision
problems. The process involves therapies like Orthoptic vision therapy and percepspecializingerapy.
 Rehabilitation psychology: The process focuses on patients behavioral and mental health issues
due to any chronic disease or severe injury. The methods used in the process include cognitive
tests, behavioral observation, and psychotherapy.
Speech and swallow therapy: If anyone is diagnosed with diseases or disorders like
communication disorders, Vocal disorders, swallowing disorders, or autism spectrum disorder,
the speech and swallow therapy is performed by our well-trained therapists using techniques like
Speech therapy, Voice therapy, and Swallow therapy.
Neurosurgery: The process of diagnosis and treatment of diseases and injuries related to the
brain, spinal cord and spinal column, and peripheral nerves within all parts of the body. We
provide the latest equipment like an Operating microscope with a specialized team of expert

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