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The study concerning the functioning of the lungs and respiratory system is called pulmonology.

Our Pulmonologists provide the best possible treatment for lung-related diseases.

We offer the best care to our patients using the most advanced piece of equipment like
the Pulmonary rehab unit. Pulmonary Diseases include some severe ones like:

Asthma: A condition where lungs produce extra mucus and the airflow becomes difficult. An
   asthma attack can be hazardous, and if it lasts long, it can be life-threatening. It can be tackled
    with the help of a Bronchodilator, steroids, and Anti-inflammatories.
Cystic Fibrosis: it causes severe effects in the lungs and digestive system and thickens the body
    fluids plugging up the passageways. Rectal prolapse and Pneumonia are symptoms of this
    disease but may vary from person to person.
● Lung Cancer: Lung cancers can be caused by smoking, second-hand smoke, and family history.
   It can be treated by surgery or therapies like chemotherapy, targeted drug therapy, and
● Pulmonary Rehabilitation: Respiratory rehabilitation is essential for patients with constant signs
   of respiratory disease or other conditions affecting the lungs. Exercise training and breathing
   techniques are used under pulmonary rehabilitation.
● Tuberculosis: when an airborne bacteria called Mycobacterium tuberculosis attacks the lungs
   causing persistent cough, weight loss, and night sweats. It takes a lot of time and medication to
   prevent TB from spreading further into the body and do more damage.

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