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Orthopedics & Joint Replacement

The treatment of diseases and injuries in the musculoskeletal system is called Orthopedics. The complex system of bones and joints helps in all kinds of movements in the body. Our Orthopedic surgeons are highly devoted to ensuring the proper functioning of limb and spine deformities with decades of experience. The advanced infrastructure is always backing the doctors up for the safety and satisfaction of patients. The problems in the musculoskeletal system include:
● Osteoarthritis
Bone fractures
● Ligament Sprain

Our orthopaedic team of doctors offers world-class treatment, and the procedures include:
  Disc Replacement: The persistent lower back pain calls for medical attention, and it may even require disc replacement surgery to improve the motion and relief the unbearable pain. The condition may worsen if the patient has osteoporosis, previous history of disc surgery, or spinal deformity, as any of these don't allow the doctors to perform disk replacement surgery.
●  Joint Replacement: The use of a prosthesis to replace any damaged joint of the body is called joint replacement surgery. The most common ones are knee and hip replacement. There are also non-surgical treatments like medication and therapies to avoid surgery, but the last and final

permanent option is only joint replacement surgery.
  Common surgical procedures: Other standard procedures include Fusion, Arthroscopy, and
Osteotomy to improve patients lifestyles and relieve their unbearable pain.

  Knee Replacement: A person suffering from arthritis or any other injury damages the knee,
causing much pain and discomfort. This needs to be consulted by our best orthopedists, and if nothing else works, then the only option left is total knee replacement. It has four steps, i.e.
preparing, positioning, resurfacing, and inserting.

Our orthopaedic department consists of a team of Orthopedic Surgeons, Orthopedic doctors, Bone doctors and bone specialists together to provide the best services and treatment for your bones. Our Orthopedic surgeons perform complicated knee surgery and knee replacement. 

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